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    Who is Terrence Armand?

    Though he calls himself an “Average Joe”, Terrence Armand is definitely beyond the image . So, who is Terrence Armand you ask? A little background… Armand was born [...]
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    Tears in Chellies Pages

    It is not too often as a writer you can come across another writer’s work that you respect but also read and find relations. Then there are those writers that you [...]

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Featured Vibe- D Scott (@dscottmusik) [Press Play]

A Message from the Editor

I take everything serious because I don't have time to waste. ~ParKer
Something Like Poetry

Work In Progress…

by Parker The Original in From the Editor

I’ve lost a lot of battles, especially where the opponent was the same person I was defending. It has yet to take me by surprise that surprises are not always followed [...]


Beyond Radio

Rap & Private Prisons

by Parker The Original in Did You Know

What’s good readers!!! As I have read this article below before I wanted to join in on the movement by making this piece of very valid words obtainable to the UrbGasm [...]


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I forgot today was Thursday!!!! #Scandal Today this is my classroom! #Theatre #RedRibbonWeek #Director #Action I'm something like a Renaissance Black Girl!!! My baby!!! His intro is coming very soon!! Brenden!!!! #PJKB❤ Yall know we are addicts. #SeafoodSunday #Family #PK❤


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